Tried Playing Online Rummy? Now Is The Right Time To Get Started!

Rummy games have been around for several decades and generation after generation of families around the country has played the game. We all have now realized that not only is playing rummy games fun but there are also several benefits. Now that the option to play is available online, access has spread to more people. All you need, to indulge in playing Indian Rummy Online is a computer with Internet access.

Have you tried the online version of 13 cards rummy yet?

If you have not, the time is just right for you to start. Here are the reasons why:

  •         A means of entertainment without physical borders: Now you can enjoy playing Indian rummy without having to wonder about the place required to play or the players or even the cards. All that is put in front of you right at your desk with the click of a button. The only thing you need to do to get going is register to play. Once you have done that you have access to all the wonders that this means of recreation has to offer.
  •         An efficient stopgap for all odd times: The thing about online rummy is that it provides the best stopgap entertainment without any restrictions. Bored during an out-of-town trip or unable to sleep or have no friends living nearby? All these situations and more can easily be dealt with by playing your favorite game online. This mode of recreation takes away your dependence on so many aspects
  •         Popularity leading to more participation: As the benefits of playing rummy games are coming out and more and more people have started feeling them and acknowledging them, participation has grown tremendously. This means when you play, you will be facing opponents from all over the nation, each with their own way of dealing with the game. This means you get to play with and learn more aspects of this national favorite.
  •         Great sites hosting the game with great offers: With the popularity of rummy spreading all over the country, more and more reputed sites have been spurred to host the game online. This means you have good choices not only in terms of games and variants but also in terms of offers, promotions, deals and rewards.
  •         Transparent and secure gaming: Once again with the entry of big companies into this area, you can be ensured of transparent and secure gaming. This means the dealing of cards will be fair, the counting of scores will be proper and the money transactions will be secure. This means you can have a worry-free recreation option at your fingertips.

The reasons for joining to play Rummy Online Games are numerous and would probably vary depending on the individual you talk to regarding this. But we feel that the current time is perfect for joining to play as the game has achieved popularity and the market has matured allowing established and reputed companies to be part of this world. The festive season can only bring forth more and more offers to keep your appetite for great rewards satiated.

Tash ka Game

Tash ka Game is well-liked and the most sought-after card game due to its proficiency and skillfulness. You can play Tash ka Game with 10 cards which are formed into melds. This is a faster and easier game than the Basic Rummy. Here the melds are shown only at the end of the game. You can even play a quick Tash ka Game game by totally eliminating the laying off rule.

Players, Deck, and the Deal

Typically Tash ka Game is played by two players with a single deck of cards without Jokers or wildcards. Even in some versions of the game where 4 players are allowed, only a single deck of cards is used.

Each player is dealt 10 cards. The remaining cards are put face down to form the stockpile. The top card of this pile is turned face up to start the discard pile. The dealing of the cards is done alternatively between the players.

Tash ka Game Rules

The distinctive feature of Tash ka Game is how the cards are drawn and discarded in a single turn.

Drawing the card: The lead player picks up a card from the stockpile or the discard pile and adds it to his 10-card hand. The opponent will know what card he took if his choice was from the discard pile as it is placed face up which is not the case if he chose from the stockpile where the cards are face down. The player who did not deal with the cards gets the first choice to draw a card.

Discard: After carefully studying the hand, the player selects an unwanted card and throws it to the discard pile. This card should be different from the card that was drawn from the stockpile.

Winning the Game

  •         By Knocking: In Tash ka Game the end of a game is called Knocking. This is an old custom today the winner throws his final card face down to declare. A player can ‘Knock’ only when the total value of his deadwood cards is 10 points or less. Once the winner declares the other players have to show their hands. Another important feature of this game is that the winner or the knocker doesn’t get a chance to lay off his cards.
  •         Lying off: In Tash ka Game the players are allowed to show their hands only at the end of the game, meaning that the opponent can lay off cards only at the end of the game. Now the opponent will be able to add his deadwood to the melds of the knocker and reduce his deadwood count.
  •         By Going Gin: On the other hand, when a player is able to meld all his cards without a deadwood he can declare a ‘Gin’ and add 25 points as a bonus along with his opponent’s deadwood count. This is also referred to as ‘Going Gin’. Winning a Tash ka Game by ‘Going Gin’ is better than winning it by knocking because when this happens the opponent also loses his chance of laying off his cards

In Tash ka Game reshuffling of the discarded pile is not allowed. The game ends when there are only two cards left in the stockpile. The last player to draw a card from the pile discards a card without knocking and then a new game is started.