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NBA 2k21: Latest news

Apple Arcade has just receive a massive update that added 30+ games to its catalog, among which NBA 2K21 has been selected. Apple Arcade is a game subscription service that allows its users to have access to a large variety of apps and games. Apple Arcade launched on April 3 with over 100 games accessible for a monthly fee of $4.99 or $49.99 per year giving players access to a Family Sharing feature. Apple Arcade will sync between all the eligible devices and allow the users to play offline. Additionally there will be no ads and in-app purchase in the service.What this last info means for the game is that there will be no micro transactions in the Arcade version of NBA 2K21. Because of that, there will be no MyTeam mode in NBA 2K21, which might discourage players who like that feature. Wha...