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The Birth of Redmi Note 10 Pro

Those colors can get nice and punchy without going overboard, again, a big upgrade from anything we've seen from Xiaomi in this price range. The speakers don't get especially loud, but for the most part, they are loud enough. You can choose to shoot at full resolution, but ideally, you should not (because quality is not that good) unless you're looking for a specific crop. There are three other cameras, which are essentially the same as those on the Note 9 Pro Max with some tweaks. Few games are currently optimized for HRR displays, and even fewer will run at 60fps on higher on the Redmi Note 10 Pro as the Adreno 618 is no flagship GPU. There will be a barrage of shooting modes as with other Xiaomi phones, but 4K 60fps video recording might not be possible.And there's no support for 5g net...