Joker Card in Rummy: Master the Tricks & Rules

In the world as we know it, two types of jokers exist: One is the villain, the great nemesis of Batman, in DC Comics. The other one is the card that he carries as his identification and weapon. This joker card is one among the deck of cards: 52 + a joker. It is used in many card games like online rummy. In fact, this Joker card is like a weapon for any player. It helps to make the rummy game interesting and faster.

Number of Joker cards in a deck?

A typical deck of cards contains 52 cards of suits and 2 joker cards, which are also called as ‘Printed Joker’. It can be identified easily as it has a symbol of joker and the design is completely different than any card of suits. Apart from this, a card is randomly picked from the deck and made as joker, known as ‘cut joker’ or ‘wild card joker’. For e.g. id 4 of diamond is picked as the cut joker, then 4 of other 3 suits also become the joker. Thus, 4 wild card jokers + 2 printed jokers, in all there are 6 jokers in a deck. but we can use 5 of them since one is kept under the deck.

Rules of Joker cards

The joker is a powerful card/weapon in rummy online if used properly. Hence, you should know the rules regarding the usage of joker while playing:

  1. Joker can be used to make or extend sequences and sets.
  2. If the printed joker itself is selected as the random joker, then all the Ace cards become the wild card joker.
  3. Joker card can’t be used in making a pure sequence.
  4. You can use the Joker only once in the game! So, use it wisely.
  5. You cannot use the joker to extend the quadruplet. For e.g. if you have four suits of queen cards, it is prohibited to extend the set using a joker.
  6. If a player discards a joker, other players won’t be able to use it in the game.

Tips to smartly use the Joker:

  • The joker card is best advised to use with high-value cards to make sets/sequences. This will help reduce your score.
  • You should discard cards that are closer to the joker. Your opponent will less likely pick up the discarded cards and even your chances of forming sequences will be less. For e.g. if the diamond of 6 is a joker that you have, then discard diamond of 4, 5, 7, and 8.
  • Always group your cards with a joker esp. in an online rummy game on various Indian rummy platforms like KhelPlay Rummy. In case, if you experience any technical difficulty like power outage or internet disconnection, then this grouping will help lessen your points.
  • You should never start making sets instantly after the cards are dealt to you. Wait for some time and keep a tab on the open joker card. Because of this, your risk of discarding useful cards will get minimised and you will select better picks from the deck.
  • Do not waste time trying to make sequences around joker. It is a game-changing trump card for you, and you can use it only once in the game. Hence, first try to make sequences without the joker, use it only when you really need to turn around the game.

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