Floors And Flooring Services

Whether you are looking for an eco-friendly floor option or are in need of a new floor for an office space, The Looming Tower could be just the thing for you. Dedicated to offering the best South Florida flooring services around, East Coast Flooring & Interiors can help you get the perfect surface for your unique applications; install an assortment of different flooring solutions, including: Carpet Tile, Hardwood, Porcelain, and Green Flooring (i.e. bamboo, cork). The team at East Coast Flooring will match your needs with the perfect tile color and design so you can create a sleek and stylish interior.

If your home is in need of floor repairs due to age, wear and tear, or other structural damage, your home may benefit from a number of different types of flooring services. Most laminate floors offer a number of design options and can be made to resemble any number of different styles of hardwood, tile, marble, stone, and more. With easy installation and repair options, this flooring solution can be exactly what you need. In addition to easy maintenance, no-fuss installations can save you money and provide you with a lifetime of durability. From stains to cracks, scratches, no dents, and more, laminate floors are designed to withstand wear and tear, leaving you with a beautiful, comfortable, and practical floor.

Cork flooring services are becoming increasingly popular thanks to its beauty, versatility, and sustainability. This is ideal for those who prefer a more natural look with their floors but still want the durability and maintenance of traditional cork. Engineered cork products will not crack, warp, or rot. Further, cork flooring services are available in a large variety of designs and colors, allowing you to easily coordinate your floor’s look with other pieces of furniture, cabinetry, and accessories. Cork floors are environmentally friendly, providing you with a healthier environment and better air quality throughout your home.

Concrete floors are also available in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and styles, allowing you to customize a floor with the materials that best meet your needs and your budget. In addition, concrete floors require little maintenance and are very durable and resistant to damage. Unfortunately, concrete floors are not as attractive as many other flooring solutions. In addition, concrete floors require the staining and sealing necessary to protect them, and the concrete that forms the base of your floor must be properly sealed to prevent moisture from penetrating and causing damage. Moreover, concrete floors can be expensive and are not readily available in many areas, making them less affordable than some other flooring solutions. As an alternative, many people prefer vinyl flooring, which is made from recycled plastic waste, is affordable and easy to clean.

Wood flooring services have come along way. Although wood floor installation used to require the tedious task of splitting boards and sanding them down, modern wood floor installation machines can lay hardwood floors quickly and more efficiently than ever before. Furthermore, wood flooring services can also perform other installation tasks such as installing moldings and finials and can create customized floors using their software and equipment. Wood floors provide warmth and elegance, but they also require regular care and maintenance, such as waxing and painting.

Tile is a natural stone that is now being used for both interior and exterior home decoration. Tile flooring services offer a wide range of options and specialties, from bamboo tile that looks like bamboo, marble tile that looks like marble, and ceramic tile that looks like ceramic. In addition, many flooring services now offer specialty tile designs that use lighter materials that require minimal staining. Whether you are looking for a clean-looking floor or one with added protection, it can be easier than you think to find here flooring product that works best for your needs.