Elevate Your Bedroom with a Solid Wood Wardrobe: Aesthetic Options and Benefits

Adding a solid wood wardrobe closet to your bedroom can instantly elevate the look and feel of the space. The natural grain pattern and texture of different types of wood can create a variety of aesthetics to suit your taste. 

Whether you need a large almirah or a simple 1 door multi-utility wardrobe, wooden furniture will blend in beautifully with any design scheme. This includes both traditional and contemporary styles. 

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Whether you’re leaning towards an intricately carved traditional wardrobe or a sleekly mirrored modern design, you can customise your wooden wardrobe finish to suit your style preferences. Laminates offer a wide range of aesthetic options, and are a great choice for modular wardrobes because they require minimal maintenance. 

For an edgy look, opt for a patterned wardrobe finish such as herringbone or chevron. This bold look brings out the richness of your bedroom and stands out as a statement piece. For a more subtle look, go for a coloured laminate finish. 

Add a touch of luxury to your modular wooden wardrobe with a glass panel on the door. Choose from tinted, frosted or plain glass to achieve your desired aesthetic. This option is a good choice for smaller spaces as it visually expands the room. If you’re looking to store more than just clothing, consider adding drawer storage for easy access to everyday items. This option also makes the most of unused space. 

Choosing Between Traditional and Contemporary Wardrobes 

There are many options available when it comes to choosing a wardrobe design. One important factor is the character of your home and interior décor – dark woods may be more appropriate for traditional furniture, while light colours will fit well with contemporary or modern styles. 

Wooden modular wardrobes can be painted in a variety of finishes. Those with mirrors or glass will instantly brighten up a room. Those with patterns, such as herringbone or chevron designs, can also add an edgy feel to your space. 

Wardrobes with a built-in study table are another useful option for small spaces, as they can save you the hassle of fitting in a separate desk. They can help you streamline the look of your bedroom as well as keep your clutter in check. 

Characteristics of Traditional Wardrobe Designs 

Wardrobes have always been an essential part of every house. They aren’t just practical, but also add a sense of style and elegance to the room. While modern wardrobes utilise glass, aluminium, and metal to create sleek aesthetics, traditional wardrobe designs tend to prioritise wood and natural colours to create richer looks. 

While dark wooden tones evoke feelings of tradition and luxury, lighter shades can open up smaller rooms. The swanky grey free-standing wardrobe design in this image is the perfect example of how to combine modern materials with traditional elements to achieve an elegant look. 

Traditional wardrobes usually have ornate details such as curved legs, embellished handles and decorative mouldings. These can be a great choice for homes with older furniture. However, if you prefer a minimalistic look, opt for a simple design with minimal embellishment. You can also avoid using handles altogether if you like the clean look and use a soft push-to-open mechanism instead. 

Characteristics of Contemporary Wardrobe Designs 

There’s no household space that doesn’t benefit from the warmth, richness and finesse of wooden furniture. This includes dining tables, chairs and beds, chests of drawers and kitchen cupboards, and of course – wardrobes. 

Wooden wardrobes offer a unique combination of aesthetic appeal and structural integrity that’s hard to find in other materials. Whether you opt for a simple design or one that’s more swanky, these pieces are the ideal way to store and showcase your clothes and accessories. 

Woods such as oak, birch and walnut are the most popular choice for luxury wardrobe construction. These natural hardwoods are easy to work with, fairly affordable and have a fine even texture that’s great for modern designs. However, more exotic hardwoods such as teak and mahogany are also available but can be a much more expensive option. They also require a lot more care and maintenance than their common counterparts. The Oliver Furniture Contemporary Wood 2 Door Wardrobe, for example, features a white and oak finish that’s both stylish and practical.