CBD Dosage Recommendation for First-Timers


First-timers can find it hard to figure the cannabidiol or CBD dosage. Even though cannabis is around for centuries, CBD is a relatively new product. It is still in its first phase, so there are no standard dosing guidelines as such. It is believed that first-timers need to start CBD at the lowest dose and slowly ascend the level until you find the sweet spot.

However, first-timers need to know some things before they try any CBD products. They must buy premium quality CBD oil or gummies. Justcbd.com is the best platform where you can get myriads of choice in terms of brands and forms. How much dosage you should take depends on several variables like your body weight, metabolism, and tolerance.

Factors that determine your CBD dosage level

How you take it?

CBD can be used in several ways. The form matters because of the absorption way and kicks in time differ.

Different CBD forms

  • Edibles
  • Oils & tinctures
  • Vaping
  • Pills & capsules
  • Lotions & Creams

Doses differ among the different forms. For example, in CBD gummies, the standard dose is 4 mg per gummy. In tinctures, one drop equals to 1 mg. Edibles and capsules take a long time to show its effects than tincture or spray.

Purpose of using

CBD is used to treat multiple conditions ranging from arthritis pain to nausea. The purpose of using it matters while deciding the dosage. For example, in arthritis, a few mg of CBD taken sublingually twice every day is recommended. Suppose your pain subsides a little, increase the dose after a week. This recommendation is not appropriate for other conditions.

Using other medication

CBD is well-tolerated, but it has its limitations. It can change the way the drug gets metabolized. Research has identified that it can interact with antidepressants, immune suppressors, and blood thinners. Therefore, if you are on prescribed or OTC medication or supplements, then discuss with your physician about adding CBD.

What is CBDs onset time?

It will depend on the way you used it. Edibles like candies or gummies go through the digestive system. It gets broken in the liver, and the amount that ends in the bloodstream is fairly low. The tincture is taken under the tongues, which gets absorbed through mouth glands and penetrates your bloodstream within 15 to 20 minutes of use. It kicks in faster.

  • Edibles – 2 hours
  • Sublingual – 15 – 30 minutes
  • Vape – 15 minutes to ½ hour
  • Topical – 45 minutes to 1 hour

If you don’t feel the effect, wait patiently, or you may end up overdosing. This can trigger unwanted effects. CBD is well-tolerated even at a high dose, but it is not harmless. Overdosing can cause fatigue, diarrhea, and weight change.

How long CBD effect lasts?

Generally, it will depend on the method, dosage, and tolerance. You will need to monitor your body’s reaction to determine the amount you will take in your next session.

First-timers need to ask advice from their doctor because they are aware of your medical history. It is a good idea to use it before going to bed. Vaping is not recommended because it is connected to lung damage. Even make sure to shop smartly for pure CBD oil as the market is still unregulated in the US.