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Just once you enter or copy/paste the domain names on this site, the tool will start its processing and display results. It is wise to understand that technique and methodology are often as important as the quality of your content if you want to achieve solid results in your marketing efforts. Marketing Miner has a low profile in the United States, but it’s one of the best-kept secrets of Eastern Europe. Taking the time to learn Ninja tactics such as linking content to content can make a huge difference in the effectiveness of your content marketing efforts. Learning how to create content found in the search engines and viewed by many is a skill that can be learned, but the techniques are constantly changing and evolving.

The best way to get your content viewed is to discover the ‘longtail” or more uncommon search phrases and then create content using those keyword phrases. Once you create content and get it on the internet, you can create links to the content, which will help push it higher into the search engine results pages SERPs. Another “ninja tactic” that will help push your content up in the search engines is to create content about your content. A post in a blog, for instance that creates a clickable link to your content where the clickable link has your keywords in it can help group buy seo tools push your content up and get you more views. Linking a video to a blog post, a blog post to an article, an article to a video, or any combination of the above can help push whatever content you want to emphasize up in the search engines.

When you put the video on a video hosting site such as YouTube, you can create a link in the video’s description that sends people to your article. The user has to enter the URL of his site, and the tool will test the loading time and performance level for multiple devices. If a site has inappropriate content, it will reach a search engine, but not at the top. Also increases the relevance for the search engines when people search for your keywords. With the Page Snooper, a website proprietor can discern how his blog is seen by the significant search engines. You can use this concept to push all of your content up in the search engines.